What Is Elevated Yoga

Cannabis/Yoga Class• 90 MINUTES

A pop-up unlike any other. Elevated Yoga is the synergy of cannabis and yoga; the ultimate experience! We take the best from both worlds and create Elevated Yoga! “Elevators” enjoy cannabis in a variety of ways while reaching elevated states and improving mobility. Ideal for birthday parties, work retreats (team moral is highly important this day and age), couples date night, organizational bonding, even bachelor/bachelorette parties. If anyone ever stated Mary Jane doesn’t attend yoga class, you’d be sadly mistaken!


Benefits of Elevated Yoga


Elevated Yoga is more than just a class where you reach elevated levels and exercise. Our sessions are ideal for establishing & growing bonds between family, friends, sorority sisters, co-workers. Yoga is essentially psychotherapy while diminishing muscle tension & stress, while increasing concentration and strength.


Book a Session

*Sessions Must be booked 1 week in advance