5 Sessions (Hard Worker)

60-75 Minutes $75 Per Session

One on one personal training. Unlike other trainers, we’re not afraid to get down & dirty with you to help motivate and inspire. We come to you, so half of the battle of getting up and going is out the window. Prepare to engage with trainers that are passionate, determined, and supportive.


10 Sessions (Striver)

60-75 Minutes $70 Per Session• Saving of $50!

The second tier in striving towards your goals! With 10 sessions, we guarantee that not only will you notice results, but others as well. You will notice a positive change in your attitude & demeanor, as improving your health is linked to increased mental and physical health. Ss the saying goes, the more the merrier!


20 Sessions (Conqueror)

60-75 Minutes $65 Per Session• Saving of $200!

Your DopeFit journey starts here! Prepare to shatter those walls blocking you from achieving greatness. You will be fully immersed in the Set.Strive.Conquer motto, as we guide you to Conquer your goals! Be prepared to have a health overhaul, as your mental & physical well-being will undergo a transformation that will be nothing short of astonishing!  


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