About DopeFit

DopeFit was created in Los Angeles, California by Brandon Mersier. Brandon was overweight throughout most of his life, fighting the battle of proper nutrition and exercise.  After witnessing close friends and relatives pass away from health related issues, Brandon decided to turned his life around, realizing he was not that far off himself. Brandon had the notion that he would learn how to lose weight and develop a system at the same time, all while losing an astonishing 100 pounds in the process. Thus spawning DopeFit! DopeFit will always continue to push the boundaries and live by its acronym; Defying Other Peoples Expectations, Forever Internally Training. Because the one person you have to do it for is for YOURSELF and no one else!

DopeFit Goal

DopeFit's goal is to inspire 1,000,000,000 Pounds of weight loss around the world! We know it is a large goal, but together we can CONQUER it!